What We Do


What We Do

In the website designing company of FIWDC we are not only deliver the project to client but we give service to the international client because the entire client is important for us. We are the specialist of web development and web design in India and the client says the design and we made with high quality design and lead our clients towards to the results. We know the process and we like the nine strategic steps. We have the best team every with the web designer and project manager. We have the knowledge to the strategy and take the solution to the clients. We have the right solution for our clients. We have the latest technology machines and in our office all the employees work hard and done the work on time. Our team is very intelligent and very happy from this work. We all do fun in free time but when it is about work we do the work on time. We always take the best and latest technology. We know that the if any new user find the page in 8 to 10 second but if the user is perfect then it will take 3 to 4 second to find the page. We believe that keep it simple and straight because we know how to connect with the customer. We make the web sites that it is very successfull like never seen before. You can easily find review about your business products on your developed website from the people and easily interact with them and take their feedback without facing any type of inconvenience. Our developers are able to develop this feature into your website and you can easily increase your business by analyzing the public response about your products. We study and see that people like that site which site is not having the security and which site has security doesn’t look good. A websites is made from mind because people want new ever time when they visit the site and they want no security on that site. The look of the website is wanted to be the good because then people like the website with design and fresh looks. If you see people go to shopping online website and see the website and it is very well design. We go to the websites first and take a look on it and then we do this 3 step and then we start the project. This is why the online web sited are very cool and well design.

We get to the 9 step policy and that is:
• Conclusion We get to the client and get the requirement what the client want from us the client say and we listen.

• Strategy
Then we come to the strategy because strategy is very important because if we don’t discuss the strategy then work will not be done on time. One we discuss then we get full analyze the website and we collect the information that what the website need and what we want to remove from the website. After analyzing we start the work on the website.

• Wireframes
We build the wireframe and some more area of the website because that is why we know the about the goals and what we achieved. It is like the creating the sketch then we take the position of the pages. Wireframe is like the blueprint of the web design. It is our internal work that we are doing now.

• Content
The content comes in two parts and if the client have the content that the client give it to us or we create the same thing of our own. The second part of the content is that to design the message and this would design through the words.

• Design
Then we submit the design and then our designer creates the design of the websites with the high quality and then the design submitted to the approval before the development phase.

• Development
Now we start the developing the website and then we after the design approved after that we submit the test version of the website and then after that it will get tested to the experts and then submitted to the customer.

• Training and Q and A
Before the website go live first we passes to the rigorous quality program. This makes that the website is complete and ready for live. Each and every websites first finalization and then goes live.

• Live site and aftercare
After the completing then gone through the stringent and assurance then the site is ready for going live and then we see that people liked it or not.

• Complete
The project is finally done and like by the people and take a good response.

In this whole project we are very happy to help our client. We are every ready to help the client and we give the best service to our client. A website is mainly used to attract the customers so without we can’t run our business in the indian market. In Modern day everybody used technical’s gadgets and wants to grab the products online from websites. We provide creative and professional web application development services which helps the customers to promote your business ideas and maintain your brand value. Money is not everything for us on the other hand we aim to satisfy our customers at any cost. We can easily develop your business website at the affordable price. You can easily work with us and we provide the best output to your requirements. Customer satisfaction is our first priority so we always try to make them happy by completing their work within the given. If anyone wants to give the feedback and then we are able to work hard. Our team is waiting for your response and we always ready to help our clients because we are happy to help and we know ho important is you business to you.

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