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The redesign means that you redesign your existing website graphically. Your painstakingly created content is then either completely taken over or adapted slightly according to the new requirements and integrated into the new design. A team of FIWDC is expertise in all the area of website redesigning company in Delhi NCR, India. The redesign is often confused with the re-launch. In a redesigning, however, you change much more than just the outward appearance of your website. The general structure, technical background and, as a rule, the content of a website are fundamentally revised. A redesign of your website is usually necessary if your site already exists for several years, and you are increasingly confronted with one or more of the following problems:
- Your site is not found in the search engines.
- You have too few visitors.
- Your visitors leave your site immediately.
- Your site does not display properly on different mobile devices.
- Charging times are too long.
- The design is simply overhauled.
- There are many other reasons. And some of the things mentioned can, of course, take more action than simply redesigning your site. But they can be an indication. If you are still confused regarding redesigning your website, you should contact us. We at FiWDC, will guide you in a proper way and help you to make a creative and high quality redesigning your website.

Website Redesign: That is what matters
When it comes to designing a website, it is above all these two things that must be considered: the creative and the functional perspective. Combining both is crucial to creating a website that is not only beautiful but also convincing in terms of functionality. Designing a new website and redesigning an existing site are two different pairs of shoes. Designing a new website is often a larger project than a transformation. Nevertheless, you have the advantage to start at zero. In a redesign, on the other hand, you have the chance to eradicate errors of the first hour, but are also under greater pressure, this time really make everything right. To support you in this process, you will now find out what steps and measures you should take before your site redesign project.

5 Steps to Website Redesign:
- Check your current website: Check out your website and write down what you like about it. The good thing about a website redesign is that you do not have to change everything. If you find items on your site that you like, then keep them. This will also give you more time to concentrate on the actions that are really necessary. So everything you do not like about your website. Later, you'll be able to collect ideas on how to eliminate or redesign these unpleasant areas of your site in the future. Maybe even together with a professional.

- Rate current key figures.
Now that you know what areas of your site you like well and less well, you should compare your thoughts with real numbers. Google analytics, a free analytics tool, will help you figure out how visitors use your website, how they get there, what areas of your site are good, and which sites are particularly popular. Here are some examples of key performance indicators (KPI):
• Number of visits (conclusions to root users).
• Percentage of new / returning visitors.
• The length of stay.
• Bounce rate.
• Percentage of visitors coming through the organic search.
• Share of visitors who come across the newsletter.
• Average visit time.
Google analytics will also help you find out which of your pages are the most visited. And with so-called heat maps, you can then additionally analyze which elements are clicked on the individual pages the most. These main pages (and their URLs) and elements must be preserved in spite of redesign. Also, use Google webmaster tools to find broken pages on your site and outdated links. Thanks for this and other insights, you can optimize your website and make it even more attractive for your users.

- Set goals.
If you want to redesign your website, you should have a good reason for it. And this "why" is also to be linked to measurable goals. Do you want to increase the number of visitors, decrease your bounce rate, or increase your visitors' time on your site? Then you really have good reasons that you just have to turn into measurable targets.

- Hold on to it.
Because the more you deviate from your goals, the unhappy you'll be with your final website. Just as important as the above-mentioned quantitative objectives are qualitative objectives. What impact should your new website have on your target group? How should your visitor feel, think or react when he visits your site after the redesign?

- Analyze your competitors.
Analyzing its competitors means knowing where and how the competition is set up. And the chance is to take a look at what is going on in the competition and doing better, which is rather bad. The best way to start your competition analysis is by looking at the websites of your competitors. Put yourself in their position. See the website from their perspective. What do you like doing well and what do you like less? Write it down.

A successful website redesign starts well before the website is actually redesigned. FIWDC never let your website down in terms of look and the performance. Often you can be guided by the look of the website alone and you simply overlook things and areas of the website, which actually run well. When you redesign your website, it is important that you do not lose sight of the big picture. This means: Focus not only on your website but rather integrate it into your marketing mix of social media, e-mail marketing, lead generation, brand awareness, sales strategy, etc. How can a redesign support your marketing activities? Whether you are looking for a general overhaul or just a little refreshment, on the way to the end result you will stumble over some stones. Therefore, it is important to be clear in advance and make the decisions early. This saves you time and money. At FiWDC, we will help you in every step towards the redesigning of your website.

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