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Terms and conditions at Fiwdc

Day by day with the increasing of technology now there are lots of website designing companies come in the indian market but Fiwdc is one of the best leading web designing companies in Delhi which provide the best services to their customers on well defined terms and conditions of the company. If you want to enjoy our various services at the best prices then you must need some to accept some terms and conditions of the company which we provide on our website. The terms of services are a legal process in between company and our customers. In these terms and condition our customer declared that he or she is 18 year above and able to use the company services. We are here to give the value added search engine optimization services to you if you want grab any kind of services then you must follow some instructions that are given below:

• Sign up:
If you really want to enjoy our various services then you need to create your account. When you are creating new account on our company website then you need to accept the term of use. When you accept the quote then it is clearly shown in the notification that you are satisfied with the term of use of the company. Any kind of services that you will enjoy comes under the term and condition of our company. After accepting all of the condition of the company you are able to create you account on the website and easily connect with us for enjoying our search engine optimization services in an easy and perfect way.

• Terms of agreement:
When we are working with our new clients then they need to approve our company agreements in which we define the working period of our clients and provide the services according to their agreements. In these agreements we mention the billing terms and we will renew the agreement according to our customer requirement. We don’t give any kind of pressure for signing our agreement to the people. If anyone really wants to do work with us and enjoy our services then they need to agree the term and conditions of the company.

• Our services Charges:
We are passionate for completing our work in the give time. When you are working with us then you need to give the advance 50% money when we will approve your work. It is clearly mentioned in the agreement of the company. This amount you need to pay when we send the review of your work. The second 30% installment you need to give us when we develop your project according to your requirement. The third and last 20% payment you need to pay when your project is completed and before the updating of the project on the serve of the internet world. If you pay these three installments then you can easily grab your work from us without facing any kind of inconvenience. You can easily make our payment by using various sources that are given below:
 Credit card.
 Debit card.
 Net banking.
 E wallet.
These are some best ways which are helpful in making our payment in an easy and perfect way. We aim to make a long term relation with our customers so we always provide the best ways which are helpful in making our relation more reliable and convenient.

Client review:
We are able to give one of the best opportunity to you is that our customers can easily give their review about their works. If they want to do any kind of changes then their project then they are eligible to send their feedback within 10 days from that date when the project was developed. If anybody cannot give any kind information about the project before the given time then we are not responsible for anything.

• Payment terms:
We will send the all the invoice by using our email services. If any clients have too desires then we will send a hard copy to them. Any kind of unpaid account will be charged after 30 days and we will take 1.5% higher interest on the pending amount of the client and no one can blame us for the higher internet at any conditions.

• Default:
If anyone cannot pay their full amount of work then it will be come as the default client of the company. We are giving the 30 days payback options to our clients if they don’t fulfill our terms and condition then after 30 days we are eligible to destroy all the data from any website that we done for our clients. We are not responsible for losing your any kind of data and you don’t have any rights to blame us. If any client sends incomplete payment in the cheque then we will resend to them and take additional charges. The account of that client remains in defaulting case until he or she will not pay the complete money to us. We are able to collect the extra expensive if any client get late to pay our whole money and it comes in legal process.

When any client want to termination then he or she need to send their termination letter in written to the company because it is the effective way as compare to the receipt of the notice. Email or phone calling is not valid until the client will send the termination letter in the written form. These are our some best terms and condition that everyone can accept it. If you really want to do work with us without facing any kind of issues then you should accept the terms and condition that are mentioned above. We believe to give the high quality services to our clients and if you have any kind of query or issue related to our condition then you are able to interact with our company experts and they can easily fulfill your all query by giving the best solutions in an easy and perfect way.

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