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At FiWDC, we develop tailor-made software solutions for the desktop and client-server area. We will accompany you from the first consulting session through the professional conceptualization to the finished software solution. The implementation of an idea for a mature IT solution is an art that can be interpreted differently. Therefore, from the very beginning, you have to rely on the right website designing company so that the delivered software solution as an end product actually corresponds to your wishes and expectations. We are enthusiastic, tried and tested team that relies on experience, reliability, flexibility and innovation. With many years of experience in information technology, we have the necessary expertise to optimally meet the needs of our customers. In order to achieve our ambitious goals, we also expand our team with freelancers. Website designing companies are all the more successful the faster or better they react to changing circumstances, take new business opportunities, and improve customer services. We accompany and support you in your implementation. We put the workflow of the users to the test (workflow analysis) and at the same time, we also optimize operations, processes, and productivity. Software development is designed to optimize business processes; better customer support and thus revenue growth, but also at the same time reduce costs. Furthermore, the solutions are available everywhere and at any time. Data i.e. relevant information is available online without delay at FiWDC. We at FiWDC, software development company in India is a modern and good way to implement IT projects. Software development process is followed by step by step. At the start of the project, all requirements were written down. Then the complete design was created (system design, screen design, etc.). Then the complete code was created. After which the system testing and the subsequent maintenance follow. In the classical software development, you have to meet the exact requirements of your software. These requirements are then applied by you or your organization software developers in a detailed workbook. This process is for the provision of services in the traditional software development is absolutely necessary and serves as the order basis. The creation of a task book already causes the first costs and takes considerable time. Subsequent change requests in this "rigid" concept can only be achieved by increased costs, whereby the project is not always the best for you as a customer. In FiWDC software development company in india, there is no detailed specification. You as a customer have only a few requirements and the project starts immediately with the development which is the most important features for you. You then determine what is to be done next. After each step, you get a piece of working software. So you keep as the customer always has an overview and control over the project because the most important requirements can be developed first, after a short development time a system is used productively and over time the software grows with their requirements. New or changed requirements are defined during the project because, for example, that the competition situation has changed or that the requirements for the project. Through this process, only the claims in waterfall, which one tries to solve through the FiWDC software development company in Delhi, India. For you as a customer, FiWDC software development company offers a number of advantages. The project is always flexible. New requirements, which can arise in every project process, can be handled directly. These requirements still fit into the current milestone. There will be no additional costs for you. All processes are transparent to you, the cost of each function directly seen. They are actively involved in the development process and have every milestone. software which we will make, you can test and work on it. We at FiWDC, always take care of the security of your software while developing. Our daily life is characterized by machines, to which we blindly entrust our lives. As useful as these machines are, they are often a potential danger and can lead to disasters that would not exist without them. For example, we would not have so many traffic victims without cars. In order to protect themselves against these dangers, technical resources are again used which also involve a risk. For example, traffic lights prevent traffic accidents; we blindly trust them. If the traffic light is green, the pedestrian crosses the street and often looks neither left or right. A malfunction of the traffic light system then even leads to a higher accident risk than if there were no traffic lights because, without it, you would cross the road more cautiously. In order to prevent a malfunction, a safety device is installed in each traffic light to guarantee the safety of the system. For this safety device, a fuse could be installed again, and so on. As a result, the system can gain even more confidence in the user and the worse is a malfunction that nobody has expected. Safety does not come from trust in technology but from distrust.

In these cases, both the primary equipment and the safety device must meet a high safety standard. The safety of a plant is based on two aspects:
1. The development was correct so that the system does what it is supposed to do.
2. The runtime errors, failures, and exceptions (for example from the hardware, mechanics and/or operation) are recognized and handled correctly.
On the one hand, one must try to avoid mistakes; on the other hand, errors which cannot be avoided must be eliminated which presupposes that they have been recognized (for example, by tests). But many development errors will remain undetected and represent a latent danger. With these errors, one has to live (or die), therefore, the control must be prepared to correct properly in the event of possible dangers such as a hardware component failure or a control error itself So that the system remains in a safe state. At FiWDC, our mission is to provide a high quality designed software with the latest features that are best in the industry.

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