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Fiwdc is India's top seo marketing and seo services company in Delhi, India. We are based in New Delhi and we provide full-suite seo marketing services in Delhi NCR. At FiWDC, we are very well experienced in the field of website designing and developing and so also expert in SEO (search engine optimization) which is very crucial today in the world of internet. SEO is a search engine marketing (SEM) tool. It deals with the optimization and design of websites. The aim of the search engine optimization is that a website is well recognized by the search algorithms of the search engines and is found as far forward as possible in the so-called SERPs (search engine result pages), the search pages in the search for certain terms. To achieve this goal, there are different ways that can be implemented. Just as with any project, there are also various stages in the optimization process within the search engine optimization, within which different measures are also useful. In this multi-part series, I would like to describe the individual phases of the optimization in more detail and how to implement those best and how Fiwdc can help to link your current or new website with SEO. We think we are not exaggerating when we say that search engines are now the most important medium for finding information on the Internet. This is the name for software or an index-based program, which automatically searches the entire web for information, evaluates it, and updates and expands its data stock. Index based? Index-based means that the data found on the Internet is archived. Specifically, search engines do not examine the internet in real-time. So if you enter a search term in the search slot, the current database is displayed for the search engine (index), which contains or indexes all data on the entered term. This is why it is so important that your own website should be indexed in the search engines. If this is not the case, it corresponds in principle to the "non-existence", even if the website is online. We at Fiwdc, know very well, how to index your website? The collection of the data on the internet by the search engines is called "crawling". This task is taken over by the crawlers, also called robots or spiders. The robot visits a website and reads its contents (texts) and stores the information found in the search engine database. Many search engines also store PDF or PowerPoint documents. It is important to note that not every document can be read by the robots. Very popular among web designers is, for example, Java or Flash. This offers more design possibilities and flexibility in the design of the website. The problem is that search engines often cannot recognize embedded links in a JavaScript. If then also the text on the website in a graphic is packaged and it becomes properly critical, since the robots, as well as nothing from the side, noticed. There are, however, various possibilities on the Internet to simulate the view of the robots and thus, if necessary, to improve them. If you would like to know more about how the robots are working and what exactly should be considered in this context, you can do so at Google. Webmaster tools provide a wealth of information. A look into the crawl is definitely worth to learn more details. Each search engine operates with its own search algorithm. Therefore it may be difficult to make the website of each search engine right. For this reason, we want to focus on the largest of search engines - Google. Looking at the search engine market, it is clear that Google is the undisputed "power". If you now have a website and this is listed for a certain search term (keyword) on the first page of the search results, then that is already times super. It is not only a question of being on the first side of the SERPs. Back links are links from websites that link to a different website. Linking e.g. The pages X and Y on the site Z, so site Z has two backlinks. The links must, however, come from external or foreign websites. Linking within your own page is not used as a backlink, but is part of the internal linking. The importance of back links is particularly important in off-page optimization SEO. They represent, so to speak, that salt in the soup. Many search engines evaluate how many links point to a website and which link text was deposited. This is referred to as link popularity. Most of these analyses are also included in the ranking. Google, in particular, attaches great importance to link calculations. Reason enough for the topic - How do I get backlinks? Especially since the back links have a not insignificant influence on the page rank. But also caution is required. Anyone who now goes wild on "backlink hunting" cuts himself into his own flesh. Also in this task, there are certain things to be considered, which are to be addressed in the 3rd of the "What is SEO?" series in detail. A purpose of the Page Rank is to assess the "meaning" of a document (website). It measures the relevance of websites on the web. It is important to note that the Page Rank does not assess the content of a website as a whole, but the relationships between websites. A link from one site to another is finally interpreted as a kind of recommendation. The following philosophy is behind the page rank. The meaning of a document increases when other documents link to it. In contrast to the link popularity, the concept of the Page Rank does not simply use the absolute number of incoming links. The argument of the developers is that a document is significant when many other documents link to it, but not every document has the same weight. According to the concept of the Page Rank, the significance of a document is not determined by the pure number of back links but by the significance of the referring document. Its significance is also determined by reference to important documents and so on. In other words, a link from a website like counts more than hundreds of references from small, insignificant websites. This is how SEO is very important in order to bring your website up in the list. The best seo company in Delhi, India FiWDC, are expertise in the field of SEO. Once you get in touch with us, you will get all the solutions related to your website.

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