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Privacy Policy of Fiwdc

Fiwdc, is a digital Mmarketing based website designing company in India from delhi based that provides wide ranges of web services globally. We have a dynamic team of search engine optimizers, desiners and developers work on clients requirement. To keep our client safe and secure we have perfect privacy policies designed. In our privacy policy we collect the information and we don’t share to the third party because we take care of your information and we store your information on a very safe database platform that is why everyone can’t find the information. If your information leaked then you can file a complaint to our customer care which is 24/7.

• We are the website designing company that keep everyone information safe and sound and nobody can take your information without our permission. We take your information very confidentially because if the information gets to the wrong hands there will be misuse of your information. Anybody can give the feedback and give reviews. We keep your data secure and take care that no one can see to it. If anybody wants to set a password then anybody can set. If anyone comes on the web sites once then we save that website and we keep that on the screen because if you don’t remember that site name that is why we save that site on the internet screen.

• If anyone wants to share any information with us you can share it with us along with any problem. We have the latest technology from which we can track the information of the user and we can take out the address of the user. If you changes the device and give the email address than also we find the use. If anyone gets the information then a notification comes to us and we take the action against that person.

• If anyone visits the website more than one time then we keep the information of that particular persona and don’t share to the third person because there is a misuse of your information. We use the information of the user because of the personalization and verification and seo also collects the IP address of the visitors who visit the site. If you give any password or any user name we will keep it safe with us and never share to other. If anyone uses the computer in library or in cafe keep it in mind that you will erase whole the information about yourself.

• We have all the information and IP address about you because if you visited to the site more the one time that we have you’re your information about you. If you want to change your information then tell us we change the information. If anyone want to explain the policy we are here we explain first we collect the information and why we collect the information and then how we you the information and then we offer some choices including how to update and access the information we always keep the information in a secrete way. We collect the information like your name, address, and photo etc.

• We also take the information of your device and IP address of the device. We also tell you that how to use and search the information of anything. We have all the information of your phone or laptop and then we locate your device and then we have some unique number for you and then if you search something then it will automatically comes into local storage and if you want that search we give you back but it is permanently store to our storage. We have the best information security and that is why the information is secure.

• We are providing these things because we don’t want to you to get in any trouble that is why the information is with us. We only give the information to the government because if there is any problem then government first comes to us and then we want to give the information to the government. Your data will be secure because there is some important things are there in your account. If you want to know or change your information you can contact us or mail us we always listen to our customers.

• Now we have the latest technologies from which everyone can see the terms, policy take help and give the feedback then also we can make our selfmore informative and more useful. If you help us then only we can help you. We are always working for you that are why you trust us we work successfully that is why our website designing company is on the top of the search engine. We secure your information because we have the best secure policy because we know how important is to secure the information because if the information get to the wrong hand then there is so much trouble and then government take action against you.

• If a business man wants to secure the information then we provide that facility also because the information of a business is so important but don’t worry we provide the best service to all of the people. If anyone is in trouble through the website than you can mail us and then we take action against that web site because we always help the people and take care of them.

• If you are looking for SEO, designing or development services then you can get online quotation and we will keep your all the feeded information safe. As while having online quote you need to fill a query form. These are few of our privacy policies that are strictly obeyed by our website designing company and our management. If you have any query then you can contact our online customer care executives available for your assistance 24x7. You can also mail us at We are always there to help you out.

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