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FiWDC is a one of the leading IT services provider company in Delhi NCR, India and a global innovation partner. We combine global presence with local market knowledge and offer professional IT services from consulting and system development to outsourcing. In larger development projects, you will work together with our experts to develop IT concepts for implementing new online strategies. They implement these with the aid of state-of-the-art technologies, ranging from classic internet sites, individual web solutions for specific applications to hybrid portals using native functions. They interact with colleagues and customers using modern software development methods. Highly motivated and together in the team, our team masters all challenges and successfully brings our solutions to the target line. Our entire team has completed studies in computer science, business informatics or comparable degrees. Our team has theoretical knowledge in the field of portal development, software development, ideally in the area of web development, mobile solutions, responsive design, and integration of solutions using web services. In short, FiWDC can be your final destination in order to design and develop anything which is web related. FiWDC provides various types of the portal and its key services which have been mentioned as below:

B2C customer portal
Whether for selling consumer goods or providing services, a self-service portal serves as the right tool for establishing long-term relationships with customers. We take usability parameters (navigation, response time, credibility, reliability, and content) as a minimum requirement and guarantee convenience of your portal in a number of functions:
- Extended order division (e.g. individual services created with user participation).
- Order and service management (e.g. activation of a service).
- Wide selection of secure payment options.
- Announcements about changes in service.
- Personalized recommendations.
- Account, purchase and payment history overview.
- Reporting and statistics, and other.
- We offer the tandem of a rich industry experience and innovative technologies, which result in the combination of a comfortable and appealing interface with strong B2C portal possibilities.

B2B customer portal
Only by providing the comprehensive customer service, a B2B customer portal will promote customer satisfaction, streamline online sales, and save costs. That is why our B2B portals include powerful tools for every member of the customer shopping center (which allows numerous logins for each company)
- Purchasing manager of the customer order and monitor orders, manage services and display satisfaction.
- Technical specialists of the end user have access to their manuals and other technical resources, report problems and get help.
- Financial managers of the end customer, to check the balance, the status of invoices and payments, etc.
- In addition, focused on close collaboration, a B2B portal will offer comprehensive functionality to help you beat the competition:
- Automated pricing based on volume, advertisements and delivery times.
- Easy ordering tools, individual product descriptions, and product comparisons.
- Personalization of the content based on the customer account, etc.
- Designed with customer involvement, our B2B portals minimize the needs of the end user to access the support center.

Partner Portal
Created to help partners, gain competitive advantage, and increase sales, 80% of the partners' portals remain unpopular. We FiWDC know very well how to reverse this trend and are ready to maintain the partner portal until it starts to attract users. We believe a partner portal should be a daily tool for the entire staff of the partner, not just for a supplier manager. In this way, a supplier gains from the direct information exchange, there is no need for the permanent involvement of a supplier manager. In addition, the circle of positive-minded employees of the partners is broader. If done correctly, your partner portal can win those who influence the end customer's buying decision (e.g., a partner's sales representative), offering only tools and informative resources to easily offer your offers. Configurations, Calculators, Inventory, Order Status Check, Customization Tools, and Metrics - let our experts provide you with all the portal functionality of the partner to improve your partnership with reciprocal e-communications.

Supplier Portal
A supplier portal is a collaborative platform for direct and real-time information exchange with your suppliers. In order to promote delivery self-service and thus reduce your supplier management overloads and operating costs, our portals support:
- Roles-based access control.
- Information and confirmation, as well as updates of profile details from suppliers.
- Search for and on-port acceptance of open orders.
- Delivery schedule and updates.
- Claims settlement.
- Direct electronic invoice submission.
- Inquiries about payments and Invoice status.
- Statistics on previous purchases and deliveries, etc.
- With a supplier portal, all necessary supplier information is quickly available to all departments. As the company and suppliers benefit from time and effort savings, a supplier portal is a secure, collaborative solution for the two.
A supplier portal tailored to your business goals automates and facilitates communication with your suppliers, makes business processes more transparent and easier.

Public portal
We can help you make a gateway into the e-world of your public. With the user-friendly interface and strong capabilities, including chat, forums, blogs, events, media file support, and others, our portals connect public members to promote collaboration and build relationships, as well as stimulate experience and ideational exchange.

Learning portal
Our learning portals are already used by governmental and private educational institutions worldwide. We know how to design a learning portal in the best interests of the training providers and customers, be it business or individual learners. The portals provided by our team enable:
- Training facilitators, the management of the training courses, the client base, and the delivery of the learning materials.
- To connect with training providers, to gain access to courses, to assign individual training plans to employees and to monitor their progress.
- Tutors to choose and follow a pedagogical path, avoiding duplicate by completing a tailor-made program based on previous knowledge and specific requirements.
- These are just a few examples of the extensive functionality packaged in a responsive design to allow our educational portals to provide the true learning experience.
This is how FiWDC is expert in all types of web portal development. You should approach us in order to get the best IT related services in Delhi NCR. We provide both the provision of certain services and the full cycle of web portal development services in India, striving for technical excellence at every stage of the development process.

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