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Strategy Of Web Designing Company in India

We at FIWDC, a website designing company in india that provides the strategy is unique. Our team studies very well and in deep to understand everything about the website which they are going to create, then after website designer proceeds to design. Here we will understand the entire process. What actually happens before we present our first layouts to our customers? What steps are necessary before the website not only looks good but also fulfills the strategic objectives and can be operated by the users? Most of the conceptual phases of website projects are based on a similar scheme. We consider following 5 steps before designing any website:

1. Define and prioritize the objectives of the website
A new website project begins by getting to know the status quo, the project partners, the company or the product. In particular, this is a need-based workshop to create a common understanding.

The questions that are clarified at the beginning include:
Which product/company/theme is the focus?
What values are mediated?
Who is to be reached with the website?
What is the basic impact of the website?
What is new, what is taken over?
How is the success measured?
What are the features of the website?
What should the website meet at Go-live?
What could be development stages?
All these questions are answered and prioritized.

2. Who really uses the website?
To forget your own subjective taste and to look through the spectacles of the user - this is very relevant for the conception of a website and in principle also for the entire development and care. In this step, we are exploring the target group and developing imaginary and prototypical users of the site. Which are tangible by the fact that they pursue concrete goals, a name, an appearance, and certain characteristics? These personalities accompany us through the entire project (mostly as a "profile" on the wall of our team office) and serve to always ask whether the person could serve the website at all. How should navigation work so it can handle it?

3. Information architecture and user guidance: How are the content structured and made accessible to the user?
At, FiWDC we first review some questions such as how is the website built? How many navigation levels are there, how are they interlinked? What content/functions are taught? What other media/websites/applications is the site still linked to and what does it mean for design and technical implementation? Are there closed areas or different language versions? These and other topics are being questioned in the development of information architecture. The result is a structure tree that shows the individual pages of the website as well as their arrangement. Closely linked to the information architecture is the user management. With the help of the structure tree, we think about possible ways the user could go through the website - always with the thought in the back of the head that most users navigate non-linear but very jumpy through the websites. "How does the user get to the relevant information with as few clicks as possible?"

4. The approach to the layout
It is only now that we begin to visualize the website. When creating wireframes, we approach the later layout by determining how many different types of pages we need, the content elements we need, and how and where they are placed, based on the findings obtained so far. We sketch first ideas for the design in which we develop a layout grid and define the surfaces that are supposed to occupy certain content elements. We consider what the user should find on which page. The results of this phase are quickly designed sketches which are deliberately abstract and colorless in order not to deal with the optics too intensively at this stage.

5. Creation of the first layouts: We are approaching the goal at this stage
All concept ideas developed up to this point are incorporated into the layout in addition to the basic optical principles. Most companies that develop a website with us already have a corporate design or an existing website, which defines the basic design direction. Our task is to create a recognition value with regard to the existing media and at the same time to take into account the trends in the rapidly evolving web design area. Our strategy presents various requirements for the design which we merge with the graphical requirements. In this way, we are developing layout variants that take into account the strategic objectives, our personalities, the information architecture, the requirements for navigation as well as the wireframes so that in this step it is also possible to finally deal with optical details. As a rule, layout development takes place in two or three steps. After the layouts are approved by the customer, the technical implementation follows. Important here: planning step by step and in small releasable "packages". The larger the site, the agiler the procedure should be. We at FiWDC always take care of our clients and we know very well what exactly our customers want in their website design. After reviewing all above points, our team starts work designing your website. All the above points decide the core of a digital strategy as well as online marketing. Our dedicated and hardworking team has a complete knowledge, wide experience and skills that fulfill your all requirements related to website designing. FiWDC doesn’t only ensure a very well designing of your website but we also ensure to reach that website to as many people as possible so that your website can bring more revenue. We are expertise in this matter as well. Our team knows how your website can reach to maximum numbers of people. Do you feel that your corporate website or your online portal is no longer up-to-date? Are you planning to launch or the complete new development of your internet presence? As an experienced website designing company, we at FiWDC manages your web project from strategic consulting, through conception, design and technical implementation of systematic online marketing.

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