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Our Aim:

If you are looking for web designing experts in India, then you are here at the right place. Our experienced web designers teams design and develop both small and large web pages for you. Your wishes, needs, and ideas are our focus. We also attach great importance to attractive design as well as high-performance and mobile-optimized websites. We always develop the web design individually for you. Our aim is to create the online experiences for brands and companies with concept, creativity, and technology.

Web design for a new website:
If you do not already have a website, we can design a customized web design for your company or businessess. Our aim is to work with you as a partner to create a websites that supports the current objectives and long-term vision of your company in a targeted manner. Our web design solutions ensure that the website is designed in an appealing look and the visitor can easily use it.

Web design for the re-launch:
If you are already online with a website and want to redesign it with a re-launch, our work starts with the conception of a modern and user-friendly web design. It is particularly important for us to optimize the existing potential of your website through the re-launch. In addition, of course, the focus is on the adaptation of the design in relation to your ideas and objectives as well as the needs of your target group at the center of the new design.

Conversion Icon:
We help companies or operators of web applications with our wide knowledge in the creation or revision of their design solutions. We know how first-class and effective user interface design (UID) and user experience design (UID) must be designed. It does not matter which function (dashboard, marketplace, e-commerce tool, data analysis tool, etc.) fulfills the application. We analyze the interaction possibilities and develop a precise and unique UI/UX design according to your requirements.

Modern Web Design:
At FIWDC, our aim is to design modernly. An important topic is an implementation in the form of web programming. It is responsible for the fact that the homepage is also displayed intelligently on all end devices such as smartphones and tablets. The keywords are responsive web design and barrier-free web design. Modern web design is more than just a nice homepage. The demands on professional Internet pages have risen further in recent years. For this reason, it is no longer the only requirement for homepage design but it also must be a modern look. Added to this is usability, the visitor must immediately understand the navigation. This requires experience with the internet agency or the web designer who develops the website or the Internet pages. Also, a demand for up-to-date internet sites is the link with the usual social media channels, in order to facilitate the user's connection with the company and, in general, to facilitate direct communication. To this end, the web design agency should also consider and implement the fundamentals of search engine optimization during web development. It is also part of modern web design that the web agency offers a content management system (CMS) on request.

Online Marketing Icon:
We already take into account the relevant factors for search engine optimization (SEO) for Google when designing the web design for your website. The web design of your website is the basis on which your online success is based. By taking into account the relevant components, the SEO basic setup is effortless. Also for the ongoing optimization for the search engine, your website is equipped with a web design of our best. Our holistic web design paves the way for the basic requirements to be found with good SEO online.

Web Designing Process:
Our web design runs through several work steps before it is passed on to the web development for implementation. First, our web designers will analyze the current business situation together with you and, if available, the current website. A clear corporate positioning and definition of the target group to be addressed are essential in a further step. Your online strategy and online goals are also taken into account within the web design. After this preliminary work, the creation of the design, the definition of functions, and the design of the appropriate user experience (user experience) begins. The web design is then transferred into a mobile optimized response or adaptive design. After the web design has been released by you, the implementation begins in code in the web development.

Mobile Optimization:
The website is the infrastructure and the prerequisite for your successful start into the online world. With an outdated and badly designed website, you will not even get a flower head today unless the online presences of your competitors are even worse or your competitors are not represented online. The web design of our web design agency is predominantly responsive so that each website is always mobile optimized. This is because the mobile internet usage is growing ever more that is why the presentation of your website plays a decisive role on various end devices such as desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. "Responsive Design" or "Adaptive Design" should now be part of every web design. If you do not want the responsive representation on the different screen sizes, this will significantly affect the usefulness and range of your website. FiWDC is a website designing company that is always trying to be different yet better. Our aim is not only designing the website and putting it online but we also provide a complete web solution and we also design your website so well that it can reach the maximum numbers of the people so that your website can be popular on the Google so it can bring more revenue. Apart from web designing, we are expert in many fields such as web development, application development, logo design, e-commerce store development, catalog design, and brochure design and much more. FIWDC will fulfill your all needs related to the website. Go to our “Services” section for more details.

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