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Company Process

In the FIWDC company the process is very long it takes time to make a web design and in this many stages are involved because it is not that easy. First the artist design the web and technical worker see the web and then the experts see that project and then they work on the project. The team work is the most important work because when a team is there the work get more unique with ideas then this project has multi skills and experts level. At FIWDC, the team works hard for the clients because they know how important client is. Then they test the web and then they see how the web is design and developed and the quality of the project but the process not stays here only then it will go to the creative team then they do some work on it and then it goes to the development department and the process continue.

Some areas that for the company known for and that is:
• India’s best website designing company
• Business to business portal development
• Business to company portal development
• Top Web designing company in Delhi
• E-commerce website development company in India
When we work we know how to work we follow all the process and we follow all the rules and sure that if everything is coved. If we start the work remember everything and first we design and development. We do the work and we get sure that if the client liked it or not and we give the best quality work to the clients. We also communicate with the client and then we work according to the client and we always wanted to know the feedback from the client and we do the work on time. We also do the work and come with the winner at the first try.

Now we tell you the process:-
• Design
We know the strategy then we first do the actual designing. In this process we know and we keep in mind that how the design has to make and how to attract, and striking the web design and we know that what the customer have in mind. We use the latest technology and latest machines. On the other section our creative team uses the mind and chooses the great color for web design. If choose the color and it is important to know the company identity. Also we take the suggestion and know that what client need.

• Develop
After we done the work on creativity then we come to the develop department is the most important of this process and we involves the coding with the latest PHP technology and our team creates the structure friendly and understand with the easy way. Then we see the performance of the website and then we make the performance high website for the client.

• Delivery
We keep the meeting with the client and then we give the project to the client and then we discuss about the budget we take care of the budget because we know how project is important then budget is also important because if we give right to the client than the client come to us again. We understand that how important the quality of the website and it’s deliver on time. We keep the client happy because we know that how important is the business of the client and the client believe on us and then we work perfectly on the project.

Some major points that we keep in mind and that is when we receive the payment and then we start the work but first we make thing ready to work because the entire project is important for us and that we keep the thing that we have to finish the project before the time and from this client is happy and come to us again. We know how hard to pick design as per client is needed. It is the very difficult step and we make it easier and we have more than hundred designs from which client need and we always give the best suggestion to the client. If the client picks the design then we help the client to grow the company. Then we work on the project with client. In this we talk everything about client need in his project. The things importance for us and that is people, employees and everything that the client lives in. Then the process of building the site and the best thing of this step is that we and other ten employees working in day time and time line we work with and then we make the new fresh portal that is like new one. If the portal is ready then from us it is incomplete because of the client feedback because we need the client feedback then also we know how we work. Here everyone give the reviews about us and to promote the business. If the client wants to add or remove something then you can tell in the feedback. Going on the next step and that is going online because we have to know that we make the site and we take care of the need the client want form us. After the client is satisfied and we are done with work and we are also satisfied that the client is happy. Last but the final and important step and that is going live to the web sites that if the guest or the customers are happy with this. This is the whole project and we works on it and we give more efforts to any project come to us and we always keep the client satisfied and if the feedback is good then we do the work better than the best and we have the strength that we finish the work on time and that is why we are the leading company in web designing in Delhi. This is how we finish the web designing and feel the client proud to us and also keep the client happy.

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